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Core Management

Exa Trade team has a cumulative experience of 15+ years across in by and large in India and global firms such as CPR Capital Services Limited and Mansukh Securities & Finance ltd. The team members have a professional and The Better World entrepreneurial experience that has helped create highly motivated and successful institution with a good mix of operational and consulting investing and financial basics, the team believes it has the appropriate mix of skills vis a vis solid track record in sourcing, executing and managing funds with relationships at various stages of maturity. the team is confident that these ingredients will lead to the creation of successful investing partner of yours as an institution.

Hari Shankar Gupta

A man born and bred in the financial field. A second generation in the financial field with over vast years of experience in the field of Stock Broking Industry. He is our mentor and guide. His value is simple- Money will come and go but relationships last forever, a motto we all adhere to. A complete gentleman.

Rajendu Mitra

A man we call the thorough financial professional with experience voyage more than decade years into Stock Broking. A man through whom even the smallest details is introspected and dissected. A pure professional xpert guidance for mastering the art of trading "for invaluable insights, practical strategies, and expert guidance to excel in the world of trading.".

Sunil Kumar Gupta

"Sunil Agrawal's Trading Program: Gain a competitive edge in the financial markets with Sunil's expertise. Learn proven trading strategies, risk management techniques, and receive personalized guidance for achieving consistent profitability."

Bhoopesh Gupta

"Bhoopesh Gupta's Trading : Unlock your trading potential with comprehensive knowledge, real-world strategies, and personalized mentorship from an experienced trader. Take control of your financial future and excel in trading."